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Coffee Stained
In those nights my heart is a river
That swells and fills in the rain.
And in the morning parched and gentle,
A quiet song in refrain.
Oh how I remember swirling in the moonlight,
Flooding pavements and veins.
Shining city lights back to the moon,
Until it is the only memory that remains.
Once I receded the cracks reveal
All the ache and thirst for more.
And while I know better to turn around,
I keep waiting outside your door.
Smile for me, the only thing that matter,
While fleeting and pretend, this is our ever after.
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Beyond by maning Beyond :iconmaning:maning 0 0 Box of Light by maning Box of Light :iconmaning:maning 0 0
This is Why I Run
I want to run barefoot among the stars
sweeping through those stuck angry cars.
With every step, each bounce and stolen breath,
I am further from the moment you left.
I want to run and sometimes be elsewhere
to know no one, to never need to care.
And when in the pavement I fall asleep,
to wake alone with a nice broken hip.
I want to stay gone, I want to run,
if without you, my moment here is done.
I want to run aloud, run dark, run free,
anything to escape your fleeting memory.
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I am Leaving
I am leaving and you're not mine;
Your eyes see well beyond me,
they light up some place else, to someone else.
Too far to reach, too lost to own.
I am leaving and the time is gone;
I've been to many sunsets waiting
and my shadow grew tired of the parking lot.
Ever haunted and wet and hopeful.
I am leaving and you're working late;
a soft goodbye sending me off into the night.
But life will age soon and I may return,
to the one I could never leave elsewhere.
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We Begin at the End
They take too long looking for warmth in days,
then scurry up into the night like froths
of white fluffy bitterness in a gentle haze.
The world is but crowds of suits and feet
and bunches of wobbly stoplights
stopping and going. Stopping. Going.
In A Heartbeat.
All senses lost in the gutters of habit,
they are but empty rooms in midnight hours
falling one by one into the moonlit pit.
Another day hence, everything was free,
they take too long, they scurry into the night.
We turned off the lights, crash!
then there's you and me.
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she is her own. She is a lot of things to many people and no one can quite describe her in words that would justify what she stands for.
She can be too much to handle.
At times she closes herself from the world.
She sees through people's masks and walls.
She listens to every word.
Many times her laughter
                   reverberates all over the room
                   and no corner is left
She pretends to be nothing but herself, her reality.
She's a full spectrum of emotions but her face remains stern.
Her lips quiver in anger.
in delight.
You can not lie to her because she'll know.
She has little faith.
She takes her time to believe.
She has exquisite tast
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Love Letter For No One
You have no idea just what you do to me, I think. See, today I wasn't able to drive to work because I'm too spaced out, eat because I don't have the appetite, work out because I don't have the energy, focus because my entire system is busy attending to something else that's awfully breaking apart and generally live because I'm just too tired, too lazy, too sad.
I blame you. No no, its not because you didn't reply (again), flaked out (again), attempted to choke up a brilliant excuse (again) and disappeared (again). I don't expect you reply, show up, be honest or be available all the time. I expect nothing of you because I hate how people expect stuff from me. I let you trample on the very things that give bounce to my every step, perk to my voice and glitter to my eyes. I let you build me up and bring me down throughout the course of a day. I let you because I love you, isn't that just dandy?
I love you. Who gets to say that to anyone everyday? Who gets to say that to you and attempt in
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Love is.. by maning Love is.. :iconmaning:maning 3 0
I Am My Own
I don't ignite my fireworks on another's cigarette,
I am by no means under anyone's sunrise.
I pull my own tide, I am my lazy afternoon.
I start all my sentences with I's.
I lose control and I punish myself.
I create and hear music of my own.
I see nothing but reflections of my eyes,
I am nothing but flesh. I am but skin. I am but bones.
I retreat to myself. I belong to no one.
I am ugly by my own right, of course.
I live in the dark amidst the average world,
I wonder how good it must be to be yours.
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Losing You by maning Losing You :iconmaning:maning 0 0
The Pianist
I sit still, legs crossed over the other,
while people gather in unlikely wonder.
With eyes pressed, with keys closed,
I sway along as my music flows.
They hear the street, they hear the street,
I feel the melodies, I tapped my feet.
In silence I hum a low lonely hum,
and people passing say 'that's so dumb'
Still I played on, I played day and night,
I needed none else but notes to my light.
My fingers grew sore and my legs fell asleep,
only my bittersweet music I could keep.
And in some days I look up, in search for a face,
that once swept pass me in such great haste.
But while I wait, year after year after year,
I play melodies that only you can hear.
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I want to get free by maning I want to get free :iconmaning:maning 1 0
dear you,
sometimes im brave,
sometime im too scared to look you in your eyes.
i walk a step behind you so i could smile to myself
and not be asked about it.
most of the time im creepy.
i try to hide my attempts to bump into you.
i make excuses so you cant tell i still like you.
im not lost but i want you to find me.
you're not gone but i look for you all the time.
im not exactly endearing.
i talk like i don't care.
sometimes i pretend not to see you.
i dont have anything you need.
i try to walk away everyday.
im captivated by the way you look at me.
im giving you everything.
i am the last person you'd want to own,
but i could be all yours.
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Not Another Flower by maning Not Another Flower :iconmaning:maning 0 2 Mix Thoughts Together by maning Mix Thoughts Together :iconmaning:maning 0 2

Random Favourites

leporino elegante by uht leporino elegante :iconuht:uht 128 84
i wna be remembered
i want to be remembered
as the girl
who always smiled
even when on the inside she was crying
i want to be remembered
as the girl
who never showed
that her heart was breaking
i want to be remembered
as the girl
who was always sorry
even for things she didnt do
i want to be remembered
as the girl
who tried so hard
to light up your day
even when hers was black as night
this may be just another emo girl's poem
this may be just another piece about love
but maybe, just maybe
i'll be remembered
as the girl
who never cried
even when it was raining on the outside
and pouring on the inside.
:iconsharshar:sharshar 2 5
Coffee Luv by Parororo Coffee Luv :iconparororo:Parororo 2,830 695 -Venezzia- Noodles. by VanOxymore -Venezzia- Noodles. :iconvanoxymore:VanOxymore 1,856 231 Birds won't fly anymore by Parororo Birds won't fly anymore :iconparororo:Parororo 4,281 778 Goin' Deep Part 12 by deaddays Goin' Deep Part 12 :icondeaddays:deaddays 23 26 dA Bestiary No 53 by Windy999 dA Bestiary No 53 :iconwindy999:Windy999 113 205
Wrong is Relative
Born blind
to these misuses of the mind,
spiritually, I stumble,
but I wonder at the walls they hide behind.
Unwilling to waver,
but outnumbered on every side,
marked for a martyr,
the pressures push harder,
and yet, somehow, shaking, I am still alive.
And I wonder why—
for what did selection spare me?
To which consequence do I now survive?
Am I at most a momentary mutation,
accidental existence, to extinction inclined?
Am I art?
An Almighty's unrest-spun creation,
manifesting emotion, by contrast defined?
…Or am I the gist of a new generation?
Will the flavor of future fruition be mine?
What disease will release me?
What purging will place me
above all—the alpha, most fit to arrive
at the end of erasure?
Could I be the creature
that carries on,
contributes the cure for mankind?
…Or am I merely where chaos and correction collide?
:iconrocker-trancer-poet:Rocker-Trancer-Poet 1 0
_forget you
It will be easy to forget you...
I just can't look to the sky
or even remember the sea...
I'll just have to stop dreaming
and learn how to be alone...
I know I'll forget you..
I just can't remember your smile..
your beautiful eyes,
your sweet mouth...
I can do it,
I know I can...
I just can't look to anything,
I just can't remember,
I just can't live...
or love...
I'll forget how important you are on my life...
I'll just have to forget myself...
:icondarkcath:darkcath 648 349
-The End of Wonderland - by Fealasy -The End of Wonderland - :iconfealasy:Fealasy 5,922 625
When at first, I had finally found you,
And you had found me.
It seemed that you were carried away,
Dancing on the breeze, towards the Windy City.
And it swallowed you whole,
So we were left with just each others parting words and thoughts,
For seven days, and seven nights.
And it seemed, an eternity until the day,
That I woke with your smiling face,
Upon my window sill.
So I matched your smile, with one of my own,.
We were together again, and through those gray clouds,
We could still make out the beauty of the sun,
As we sheltered ourselves from the rain beneath that tin roof,
Huddled close in the corner, hands holding tight.
And as it began to subside, we took no pleasure in waiting.
No, we ran, we ran as we'd never run before.
Laughing through the gentle downpour,
Smiling, pulling each other by the hand.
Though our clothes were heavy and damp,
I thought I'd never felt so comfortable before,
As we sat side by side, nursing false wounds as signs of affection.
The warmth from your eyes
:iconruebedoe:Ruebedoe 1 0
Sentinel by WaitingForTheWorms Sentinel :iconwaitingfortheworms:WaitingForTheWorms 122 128 Nibbles by RSaffold Nibbles :iconrsaffold:RSaffold 3 5 I could never sleep alone by nuozek I could never sleep alone :iconnuozek:nuozek 12,725 1,531 A Conversation by JeanFrancois A Conversation :iconjeanfrancois:JeanFrancois 5,291 1,215 Ketchup Anyone? by Ashwings Ketchup Anyone? :iconashwings:Ashwings 561 239



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